Free OlympTrade and PocketOption Robot
Set up the robot and it will independently trade on OlympTrade or PocketOption.
Hello, friends. I am the creator of the Belobot robot. This robot was written for myself when I was just starting to fixed time trade. Currently, the robot algorithm has been repeatedly upgraded and improved. You can watch the robot trading on my YouTube channel. Also, you can download and use the robot for independent trading for free.
Good luck!!!

Vitaly Belov
What you'll get
Trading robots are actively used by large traders, it allow You to earn high income and have several advantages compared to manual trading.
The robot continuously analyzes the market and makes deals at the right time.
The robot trades according to algorithms. You are not required to continuously monitor indicators.
You can customize the robot to your needs. You can choose the right pairs and the required profitability.
You can use the robot on a demo account without risking your money.
The robot is constantly updated. New algorithms are added and existing ones are improved.
The robot is easy to set up, and the video tutorial will help you.
© 2020 Belobot by Vitaly Belov
  • The Belobot robot is not affiliated with the official representatives of OlympTrade and PocketOption. This is a third-party development using undocumented platform features. We try to ensure the robot’s performance by 100%, and respond promptly to platform changes. In case of problems, please write to the developer
Remember that trading financial markets carries high risks and cannot guarantee an increase in invested funds. Do not use credit or emergency funds for trading. Invest only available funds.
In most countries, financial markets trading is only allowed for adults of legal capacity. Please do not violate this rule.
The risks
  • The Belobot robot allows you to automate trading on the OlympTrade and PocketOption platforms. The robot makes deals according to the selected algorithm. With the right settings and choosing the right time for trading, most transactions tend to be profitable. However, no one guarantees that your robot trading will be profitable. You use this tool at your own risk.